Monday, February 14, 2011

Obtaining Legal Advice - Do You Need a Lawyer Or Solicitor?

In important legal matters, no matter what their nature may be, it is important to be sure about the steps that you take and the way things are done. Also, it is important that you do things the right way and not be misled in anyway.

Legal advice, in crucial legal matters proves out to be very useful. Legal advice from a lawyer or a solicitor does not only protect you, but it also helps you in carrying out the tasks and matters much more quickly and easily along with utmost surety as well. It is due to the grave importance of the legal advice that so much emphasis is laid on it. Going wrong at any step while doing something which has legal implications can also cause you serious trouble.

Therefore, it is important to seek and obtain useful legal advice at the right time so that you can do things conveniently and much more smoothly. Going to the right place for legal advice is very important in order to make sure you are in good hands and that you can fully depend on the expertise of the people who are advising you or handling your case. There are many online as firms where you can apply and seek for legal help. . Most of them provide online application facilities, while there are also others who work in the conventional manner.

If you are looking for legal advice regarding some matter, you can get a legal representative to help you. When you have a legal representative to assist you, you become more vigilant about your rights as well as responsibilities, and you also realise that your rights are something that you don't have to compromise on.

The need for hiring a legal advisor depends greatly on the type of issue that needs to be resolved and how it is expected to reach a solution.

A solicitor is basically a kind of lawyer, but the role of a solicitor is a little limited as compared to that of a lawyer.

If you have a problem and you want to obtain legal advice, then you can go to a solicitor who would be able to offer consultancy to you regarding your case. However, if you need legal advice and also have to be defended in court against the other party, then you would require a lawyer, as it is the lawyer who can present and defend a case in the court of law.

It is the nature of the legal matter you're facing that determines who you need to consult. A solicitor is usually the one who handles legal matters regarding claims, divorce, wills, or other similar matters. However, a solicitor cannot present or defend a case in the higher courts. For that, a lawyer who is also sometimes termed as the barrister is needed to assist you with your legal matters.

By: David Halbert
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Needs Criminal Legal Advice And Where to Get It

The process of finding criminal legal advice can be daunting; there is a crowded field of lawyers out there, so much that it often times gets confusing for clients.

Criminal legal advice can be found through referral or through directory listings. With the wide spread of online line services for lawyers using crowd-sourced user generated content with fully democratized feedback loop, clients can breath a bit easier. They get the chance to read review pages before approaching lawyers. In some cases, these unfiltered reviews can give some insight to which lawyers can deliver the best criminal legal advice.

When ordinary citizens are arrested for DUI, traffic violations, Parole violation, illegal search and seizure and countless other infractions, a criminal defense lawyer is needed to vociferously adjudicate on their behalf.

Sometimes an arrest will result in a plea deal or pretrial resolution before going through the litigation process. However, on other occasions, a full blown litigation occurs, in which case a defendant needs a criminal defense lawyer for representation through the very end of the process.

Sometimes, the arresting officers do issue citations in error. When this occurs, a defendant needs a lawyer to represent his/her interest. Fighting these charges on your own is never a good idea. This is what the lawyers are trained for.

Get the best criminal legal advice should never be taken lightly; whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor, a criminal traffic infraction or a mistaken DUI, a lawyer should be consulted immediately. A Criminal conviction can leave an indelible mark on your record, which in turn can make it an insurmountable challenge to subsequently gain employment.

By: Haji Seesay Sillah
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