Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Choose a Medical Negligence Solicitor

If you have been injured as a result of negligent treatment from a medical professional, you should speak to an experienced medical negligence solicitor. When choosing this solicitor, it is vital that you look for someone who is well-practiced and knowledgeable in their field, as medical negligence claims are often complicated.

In choosing a medical negligence solicitor you should always check their accreditations. Firstly, the Law Society provides its own endorsement for solicitors experienced in the field of medical negligence [or clinical negligence as it is sometimes known]; this is called the 'Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme'.

Secondly, the independent charity AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) has its own recognized scheme of approval for solicitors capable with dealing with this kind claims. If a solicitor is AvMA approved then they will have the AvMA logo on their website or letterhead. If you cannot see the logo do not be afraid to ask the solicitor if they have received this accreditation.

If you choose a medical negligence solicitor who has been authorized by both of these bodies then you know that you are using a 'Medical Negligence Specialist'. Such specialists are widely observed by organisations such as the NHSLA (NHS Litigation Authority) and the Legal Services Commission. To be classed as a specialist the AvMA will look at the solicitor's level of knowledge and experience as well as their general work ethic before they will accredit them.

Furthermore, once the solicitor has been awarded the accreditation, they must then be re-accredited and thus re-assessed by the charity every five years - it is not an award that they can retain indefinitely. Whilst they are accredited, they must adhere to a code of conduct, and demonstrate impeccable customer service skills and empathy for their clients. Both panels limit the number of members and set high standards both for joining and for reaccreditation.

Other elements, which may affect your choice of medical negligence solicitor may include the nature of your case the availability of legal aid.

The solicitor will be able to let you know the type of caseload they manage and the areas of medical negligence that they are experienced in. They might have handled a wide range of claims or they might be specialized in a certain area. Knowing this will help you to assess whether the solicitor is likely to be able to provide a successful outcome to your case. You should also be aware that many solicitors will only take on privately funded cases.

Although this may suit you, some medical negligence cases (for example involving the NHS) have a public interest and therefore you may be eligible for legal aid. Try to find a solicitor that will deal with both types of funding, if legal aid then becomes available to you, you will not be forced to pay for your legal advice from private funds only. Remember - whilst thousands of solicitors deal with accident compensation claims, not many are experienced medical negligence specialists.

By: Tim Bishop
Do you need Medical Negligence advice? Why not see how Bonallack and Bishop can help you?

Tim Bishop is senior partner of Bonallack and Bishop, a firm of UK solicitors with five offices in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset -- in Andover, Salisbury, Verwood, Warminster and Amesbury. Bonallack and Bishop offer a full range of legal services to private and business clients including employment law, accident compensation claims, medical negligence claims, conveyancing, business law, family law, wills and probate, civil and business litigation, construction law and leasehold enfranchisement cases.

Since giving up personally running a legal caseload to concentrate full-time on business development, Tim has spearheaded the expansion of his solicitors' practice, seeing it grow by 1000% in the last 12 years. He plays a particular role in marketing and is responsible for major and strategic decisions and now sees himself as an entrepreneur who owns a law firm. Tim has firm plans for continued expansion of the firm in the next five years.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is the Difference Between a Paralegal and a Divorce Attorney?

The main difference between a divorce paralegal and divorce lawyer is that paralegals are not entitled to set fees or offer legal advice to clients. Paralegals who do give legal advice may be in violation of the law and may face certain consequences. There are other differences as well that set the two titles or professions apart that are important in understanding when you are considering hiring legal help and/or representation when getting divorced.

Paralegal do not go through law school, but usually possess some degree of specialized schooling. Some learn on-the-job, while others earn a two or four year degree. They are valuable and vital members of many legal firms, with some possessing advanced degrees. Their training is usually not as broad as a lawyer's and they are usually trained in certain areas of the law. Some consider them as assistants to lawyers, although in many cases their training allows them to carry out certain tasks that would normally go beyond what many consider an assistant.

A divorce lawyer is trained to analyze your case and consider possible routes to take in protecting your rights and winning your court case if you or a former spouse is contesting the terms of your divorce. They will use their legal training and experience to offer legal advice that is helpful in guiding you in the right direction. As mentioned previously, paralegals are not permitted to offer legal advice.

Some services offer divorce paralegals that carry out the tasks and fill out all of the paperwork necessary when filing for divorce, although they may not consult the client or offer them advice regarding their divorce or protecting their legal rights. This is often a cheaper route to go when getting divorced, but the client does not have access to the trained legal mind and experience of a divorce attorney.

Some choose to use these divorce paralegal services in cases of uncontested divorce, although the minute a divorce becomes contested, they may feel lost and end up hiring an attorney anyways. You do not have to hire a lawyer to file for divorce, but with the many implications of your divorce agreement (division of assets, child and spousal support, child custody, visitation, etc.) an experienced legal mind is often helpful, if for nothing else than to review a divorce agreement before it becomes official.

By: Justin DiMateo
It is very important to review the differences even more when it comes to paralegals especially since some family law attorneys offer very affordable Flat Rate Divorce fees and you know your paperwork will be done correctly. Because a divorce is a major legal document you want an expert to handle it or review it before final recording. Schedule a consultation with an Affordable Divorce Lawyer by visiting the offices of Diefer Law Group

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The Benefits Of Using A Reputable Criminal Lawyer

Members of the public are ensured of representation legally by the CDS (criminal defense service). This is if they have been charged with committing a serious crime. This facilitates the process of smooth and fair running of the legal system in court.

It also keeps an eye on the police force to see they operate in the interests of the public. A Las Vegas criminal lawyer is the solution if you run into trouble with the police.

The LSC is responsible for overseeing the criminal defense service. This is done with the cooperation of certain representatives and Las Vegas criminal defense. A lawyer will be available to offer legal advice on all matters pertaining to criminal law. He or she will dispense legal advice at the police station. He also offers representation at court. This is at every level of court. Free advice is also available for matters at the magistrates court.

A criminal defense attorney represents the accused in court. Public defenders do this as they are often appointed by the federal government to do just that. People who wish to study law are able to study online and to get qualified. This happens by studying through an online accredited college. Once the course is passed, the student will have the right to practice law.

Often these legal people can gain fame because of the people they represent in court. They may represent a high profile celebrity and this gives them a lot of marketing mileage. Many ways are available to members of the public to find a good defense lawyer. Adverts in the paper will give one many options. The lawyers will often advertise here. This also ensures that the lawyer is accessible, as he must work in the area in which he advertises.

Going online will yield even more results. Searching on the Internet will give millions of results for criminal attorneys. Entering the zip code in the search bar will give results for an attorney in the area that the attorney is needed. No matter what the charge is, this kind of representation will be immensely valuable. Even if the attorney does not go right through with the entire matter, the accused will have a much better understanding of processes that are involved.

Where the charge is of a serious matter, there will always be an attorney required. He or she will be able to note all pretrial matters. Motions can be instituted and this will aid the case of the accused in no small way. He or she will attempt to have charges dismissed or at the very least reduced. All of this experience goes a long way to try keeping the accused out of jail.

People who are in the legal game would be best placed to refer a good lawyer. Friends or family members may work in this arena and this would be a good starting point. It might be that the practice does not practice criminal law. They may still have good contacts in the criminal law field. They would then be able to refer a competent lawyer that deals with criminal matters.

Costs of this type of work can vary in a big way. The location of the trial and the seriousness of the charge play an important role here. Las Vegas criminal lawyers are no different in this regard and could well be a trifle more expensive.

Being arrested for a criminal offense in the state of Nevada will result in prosecution and the need for a skilled Las Vegas criminal lawyer. When you have a good lawyer representing you, many things can shift to your advantage in your trial.

By: Amitesh H Kumar

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Injury Lawyers - Advising You Or Your Entitlements?

If you have been injured and don't know what to do, where to turn or what rights you have, the best thing you can do is seek professional legal advice. There are injury lawyers (or personal injury lawyers) who offer free legal advice. By obtaining legal advice you can find out your options and more about your legal right to compensation.

Free legal advice can be found online or by contacting Legal Compensation. By making contact you can receive a free consultation. This involves assessing your case and clearly defining all your options and entitlements. The information given to you may make a big difference to your claim.

Claiming compensation is your legal right. Your entitlements will very much depend on your situation; the severity of your injury and whether the injury is permanent. If the injury is permanent the extent of impairment will need to be assessed as this also affects your claim for compensation.

If you have been injured at work it is strongly urged that you seek free legal advice. There is a statutory process in place for workers under the current workers compensation scheme.

However, if your injury was caused by someone else's negligence such as your employer or a fellow worker, you may have entitlements outside of workers compensation if negligence can be proved.

Negligence claims, also known as a common law claim may compensate you much more than a basic statutory claim. It takes into consideration all future losses based on your ability to work in the future.

If you have been injured in a car accident it is also a very good idea to seek free legal advice. Insurance companies quite often limit pay outs and the amount offered may not be everything to which you are entitled. By seeking free advice from an injury lawyer you can find out all your entitlements and maximize your payout.

Injuries lawyers are experts in personal injury law and contacting one can make a big difference to your claim. They can advise you of the correct procedures to take.

One other thing to be aware of are the time limitations that apply to making a claim for compensation. These can range from 6 months to 3 years. The sooner you get the right legal advice the better and then you can become fully aware of your rights and start making steps towards obtaining the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Once you have contacted an injury lawyer and had your case assessed you will also be advised if you require the services of an injury lawyer. Some injuries lawyers take cases on a 'no win no fee basis'. What this generally means is; there are no up-front or ongoing costs and you do not have to pay any fees until you have received your compensation pay out.

By: Emma Ballard
Legal Compensation helpline offers free legal advice and support to those who have been injured.

Friday, July 29, 2011

When Seeking Legal Help, Choose Someone Experienced in the Right Specialty

Even if you are not expecting it, you may find yourself in a position where you need legal advice. You may assume that anyone with a law degree will have the ability to help, but the legal field is so specialized, you may need to turn to an expert in regard to your specific problem.

If you were in need of open heart surgery, you would not seek the advice of a podiatrist. The same is true with legal advice. If you have been involved in a crash, a truck accident attorney is going to provide more assistant than a legal professional that specializes in another field. Should the crash be serious enough, you will need to seek the advice of a wrongful death attorney.

While all lawyers have more familiarity with the law than the average person, if a large amount of money or time in prison is on the line, you will want a professional who is an experienced expert with your particular issue.

Those in the midst of a divorce will want to seek the advice of a divorce lawyer. This professional will have experience dealing with the marriage property rights in your particular state, they will understand alimony and child support laws, and they will be able to help you fight for the custody arrangement you want most.

It is important to be clear with your chosen lawyer about what you are seeking. An honest professional will be able to explain their ability to accomplish your goals and the best way to go about getting a result that makes you happy. If a lawyer is not experienced dealing with divorce settlements, it can be tough for them to anticipate situations that may arise.

It will also be difficult for them to professionally sympathize with your situation. In order to understand how emotionally trying divorce situations can be, a lawyer needs to know how dicey they can get. If you want experienced guidance, choose a legal professional who is experienced dealing with divorce settlements.

If you are in need of a lawyer for business reasons, family law and issues like traffic violations and injury protection will do you no good. Business law varies from state to state, and country to country, so it is important you have representation that is experienced in the field. A business lawyer will not just represent you on one incident, they will be your go-to person for every legal matter you have concerning your company.

This means you will want to find someone who is willing to work with you and guide you through your business decisions. Business law may not even mean facing a problem or visiting the court system. Sometimes it is as simple as creating contracts or negotiating deals.

In order to get the best arrangement possible for your business, you will want an experienced professional who will put your company first. The right lawyer will make all the difference when it comes to navigating your way through complicated legal matters.

By: Connor Sullivan
Connor Sullivan recently sought the advice of a Atlanta truck accident attorney after an accident in the area. He also sought the advice of a Atlanta wrongful death attorney for an article he is writing on the subject.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Does a Legal Office Assistant Do?

If you have been considering becoming a legal office assistant (also known as a paralegal) you should first become familiar with what the job entails. If you are familiar with the role of the legal assistant you will be able to decide if this is the right career for you.

The first thing you should know is that a legal assistant does require secondary training. You can take a course at a community college or a business college. The length of your course will vary but you can sometimes finish your training in under a year.

You will be trained to understand the terminology that is used in law offices as well as many of the simpler tasks that lawyers need to perform. Lawyers relay on legal assistants to complete many of easier tasks so that they have more time to focus on the case.

You should understand that a paralegal or legal assistant cannot practice law. That means that they cannot set fees, give any type of legal advice, or represent someone in a courtroom. They cannot take the place of a qualified lawyer.

Paralegal are most often involved in the behind the scenes work. That may include doing paper investigations and research. They may have to find witnesses to support the case or look for similar cases that can help the lawyer find a new angle to the case. Lawyers rarely do this kind of work themselves.

Each case comes with a great deal of paper work that must be taken care of with confidentiality and precision. Each report that is typed up must be perfect. Court orders, contracts, and agreements must also be perfect and will be approved by the lawyer but the lawyer will rely on the paralegal to make sure that facts have been check and that no mistakes are made.

The paralegal may accompany the lawyer to court procedures to take care of paperwork and reports. They may help with prepping witness before court is in session, as well. This takes a great deal of training and hard work and a properly trained legal assistant can be a great asset to any lawyer.

If you are interested in becoming a legal assistant you will find that there are many options available to you. A couple of the things you should look for when you are looking for a place to get your education would be instructors that are fully trained and have worked in the industry.

You should also look for things like small classrooms (so that you will be able to get one on one attention), recently updated class material, and a school that offers a practicum placement so that you can get real world experience that will help you find a job when you graduate.

By: Danielle Gibbings
Danielle (Gibbings) McGaw is an instructor at a Canadian Business College. Robertson College offers a variety of course in classrooms in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Brandon and also offers a selection of courses that can be taken online. Check out Robertson College and find out what they can do to get you started on a new career in less then a year.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dealing With Court Clerks

I am not a lawyer. This is my opinion and a summary of what I have learned and observed. If you need legal advice, contact a lawyer.

"I can't give you legal advice" is something you consistently read and hear at the court clerk's window. This is occasionally maddening when you ask questions that don't seem to need a lawyer to answer - such as how many copies should I make, or where do I sign, or is this form complete?

I hear stories such as this from judgment enforcers: "I went to the courthouse to learn the specific forms or filing procedures that were preferred, only to be met with ignorance and arrogance. There were NO LEGAL ADVICE GIVEN signs all over the clerk's office."

"I explained to the clerk who I was and what I do, and made my inquiry. The clerk told me she doesn't give legal advice and pointed to the signs. I explained that I was not looking for legal advice, rather, I was just inquiring about the proper forms, to which she replied that what I was doing was illegal (legal advice) and I'd better not let an attorney hear what I was doing or I would be brought up on charges of practicing law without a license (more legal advice)."

"I further explained how judgment enforcers work, and that what I was doing was perfectly legal, but wanted to know if this county uses any particular forms for Assignment of Judgment, levying, etc. The clerk said that they do not deal with this on a regular basis and she didn't know, and also told me that this is why lawyers go to school for many years."

Court clerks, although they are usually helpful, are not permitted to give out legal advice to anyone, so many new judgment owners and enforcers hit a dead end when they first deal with court clerks.

You have to play their game. Always keep your cool. If the clerks will not budge, perhaps mail them a letter (on your letterhead) and include a business card. Wait a week; then call and ask what days would be best to come in. When you come back, the clerks will have some idea of whom you are and what you are doing, and will usually be more receptive.

If you conduct yourself as a polite professional, you will most likely find the clerks warming up to you. If they won't let you look at case files, a polite letter to the court clerk supervisor, explaining what you want to do and your business card, may help.

Sometimes no matter how professional and polite you are, the court clerks will not budge. If you don't know the laws of your state on what you want to file, and what the court clerk should do, you should retreat and learn the laws.

If you know the law, you can ask the clerk if you can "demand to file" your document. You can also ask to speak with a supervisor, but if you do, prepare to wait a long time while the clerks discuss the matter with themselves or a judge. It's best to bring a copy of the laws that support what you want to do.

Many things can be done over the phone - such as scheduling a motion hearing. You just call the court (civil division) and tell them you need to schedule a motion hearing. They will ask what type. You tell them what it is for (assignment order, turnover order, wage garnishment on non judgment debtor spouse). They will give you a date, department and time. Also ask if they have any language that needs to be in the notice for tentative rulings. Most do.

You can you deal with court clerks by mail or by phone. In person, what counts is how polite you are - multiplied by how often you see the same people. Even in bad courts, there are good clerks. Even in good courts, there are sometimes clerks who don't like working, or don't like learning new things.

By: Mark Shapiro
Mark Shapiro -

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Get Great Divorce Advice Without Breaking the Bank

Unfortunately, there's really no such thing as a cheap divorce. And before you ask, even a quick divorce is going to take quite a while! But although most people find that getting divorced costs a lot of time and money, that doesn't mean that you won't have any control over how much it costs you.

When it comes to divorce, the biggest expenses are almost always legal costs, so knowing how to keep these fees under control can save you a lot of money...and it just might save you some time as well!

It is widely accepted that one of the most stressful experiences in life is dealing with the complications of a divorce. Legal advice is one of the most important things you can have at this stage - but it's vitally important that you make sure you're getting good legal advice, especially when it comes to the legalities of divorce.

When you start searching for a solicitor, it's a good idea to compile a list of questions you can ask them so that you can find out how they're going to handle your divorce. Questions relating to the amount of experience they have in family law, how heavy their current caseload is, and how they bill for their services will all help you to work out whether you'll be getting the best value for money and the best person for the job.

Once you've chosen your solicitor, it's important to create a game plan so you can be sure that you're going to get the most value out of the time you spend with them. It's only natural that you'll have a lot of divorce questions, but you need to remember that you'll be charged for everything your solicitor does for you and every minute you spend with them, so go through your questions and see if you can find any of the answers from another reputable source (like the Family Law Court website, for example).

The next way to save on legal fees is by being prepared - a legal case requires a lot of paperwork and there are many documents that your solicitor is going to need copies of. Find out what they're going to need, and make sure that you have copies of everything - and that you've got them all well organised in a folder - before you see them. Having everything on hand can make for a more productive appointment, and can prevent you from wasting time by having to make another one just because you forgot to bring something with you.

It might also be worth thinking about bringing a buddy along. Your solicitor will have a lot to tell you and it can be hard to keep up, especially if you're anxious, angry or upset, so having a friend there to take notes about all of the important details can be a big help.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, try to stick to the facts of your case when talking to your solicitor! It's easy to get caught up in the 'story' when you're explaining what's happening, but the only thing that your solicitor can help you with is the facts.

This is another good reason for bringing a buddy - they can bring you back on track if you start getting distracted and if you really need to vent, they can lend a sympathetic ear on the way home. As hard as it can be to take the emotion out of your situation, it really does help if you can do just that when you're with your solicitor, because staying calm will help you to give them the information they need to be able to help you.

Getting the right divorce and separation advice is an important part of making it through the divorce process with as little stress as possible, and no matter how amicable your divorce seems, you're almost certainly going to need to get legal advice at some point.

By choosing a solicitor who has experience in family law, and making sure that you make the absolute most of every minute you spend with them, you should be able to keep your legal costs as low as possible. So while a cheap divorce might still be a myth, there are some simple money management techniques you can use to make sure that yours doesn't cost you any more than it absolutely has to!

By: Analaura Luna
Analaura and Wilson Luna are private wealth advisers with over 20 years' combined experience in the financial services sector and founders of Your Family Your Money - a fantastic financial resource hub dedicated to making high-quality financial advice easily accessible for every family. Find more great information, advice, tools and resources for money management and wealth creation by visiting Your Family Your Money.

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If You Have Been Injured at Work When Is a Good Idea to Get Legal Advice?

The best answer to that question is pretty much straight away. How you deal with things after your injury may have an impact on your ability to claim. First you must:

* Notify your employer
* Get medical attention
* Get legal advice

An important thing to bear in mind is the fact that strict time limits apply, so it is advisable to get legal advise sooner rather than later.

Getting legal advise doesn't have to cost you anything either. Forget trying to find cheap legal advice you can get free lawyer advice. Your rights as an injured worker will very much depend on where your work injury took place and of course, the exact circumstances of your injury will need to be assessed by a lawyer who can give you a full case review.

Getting the right advice may put you in a better position and possibly put your mind at ease as you may be adjusting to new circumstances following your injury. Free lawyer advice may make a big difference between what you thought you could claim, and what actually have the right to claim. You may be entitled to a much larger payout that you may not be aware of and will only find out by seeking the advice of a lawyer.

Free legal advice Australia is available online. Not everyone likes to talk on the phone and you may not feel like it just now following your injury. Online legal advice means you can get online solicitors advice at the click of a mouse. Complete the form and provide as much detail as possible about your injury, how and why it happened, who is at fault and details of the injury sustained.

By completing the online legal advice form, you can access online solicitors' advice. Just simply enter your question and Work Injury Compensation will get back to you with all your questions answered and address any further question you may have.

By: Jade Peters
Work Injury Compensation offer free legal advice and a free case review for injured workers in Queensland. Call 1300 662 696.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Legal Advice For Mergers and Acquisitions

Two individual companies merge for numerous reasons. Normally, it happens because one company suffered from financial mismanagement that it cannot continue with its operation without the proposition of another company to take over their management.

But sometimes, two competing companies may decide to take the functional approach by joining forces and by sharing common distribution for healthy financial liquidation.

In every company merging, both managements need to seek legal advice for mergers and acquisitions so that due order and the line of authority are clear for all the stakeholders involved.

Speaking of order, interested company who's aiming for amalgamation got to meet legal requirements for furnishing of documents coming from board of directors and from representatives of shareholders.

Another part of the legal advice for mergers and acquisitions is the preparation and presentation of the paper certifying the surviving company and the documents attesting the inexistence of the other before the shareholders.

The newly-formed company now has to determine whether it will conduct business on more than one jurisdiction. If yes, application letter needs to be sent to authority for the approval to transact in foreign lands.

And since there has been dissolution of companies, applying for a new federal tax identification number for the company who's taking over the business is necessary. The old ones will no longer have the merit it used to acquire.

Comes along with this application is the furnishing of payroll taxes, unemployment compensation taxes, as well as state tax identification number for sales and use taxes.

By: Stanley Hardin
Stanley Hardin has been writing articles for more than 5 years. Not only does this author specialize on the subjects of health, diet, fitness and weight loss, you can also look at his latest articles about swiss army backpacks which give you information about swiss army backpacks,and free attorney form which give you information about free general power of attorney form.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where Do You Want to Be Buried - Legal Advice

Your remains and the law

Very often a will contains a statement of what the testator would like to happen to his mortal remains. They might say that they wish to be buried, cremated, or even sometimes buried at sea or to have their ashes scattered at a favourite place.

They often think that such a wish is going to be binding on those dealing with their funeral and administering their affairs but this is not the case. The law as it stands does not make what is in effect only a statement of wishes legally binding.

Legally it is for your executor to decide on the arrangements for dealing with your remains. It is the executor you appointed in your will who will decide your final resting place and not family and friends and not even you with the wishes expressed in your will. The executor you appoint is entitled to override all other wishes.

It is therefore most important that you appoint an executor who you trust to carry out your final wish-especially if it is strongly held. Equally important is making sure that everybody is aware of and agrees with your wishes. It can be very upsetting for all if there are disputes and bad feelings over your final resting place.

Sometimes people will not make a will and there will therefore not be executors with the responsibility to decide what is to happen to your remains. The person on whose property you die is legally responsible and can make the decision for disposal of your remains.

Very often this will be a hospital of care home. The relevant authority will almost certainly allow your family to make all the arrangements for your funeral and problems will only arise if there is a dispute.

There is only likely to be a dispute within the family if there is a question on whether your will is valid and whether you have a properly appointed executor. If there is a dispute which cannot be resolved it can be referred to the court for a judge to decide. In a recent case the judge held that the local authority were entitled to to decide how the body should be disposed of.

This situation however can be easily avoided by making a valid will in which you appoint executors who you trust to carry out your wishes. You should also discuss these wishes with your family and make sure that they are happy and agree with what you want to happen to you.

By: Andrew John Dutton
Legal advice and help from qualified lawyers is available online from Legal-Zone. In addition to free information on most usual area of law it contains an advice section where qualified and experienced lawyers will advise you on legal problems.You can also download very reasonably priced legal documents and e-books.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Obtaining Legal Advice - Do You Need a Lawyer Or Solicitor?

In important legal matters, no matter what their nature may be, it is important to be sure about the steps that you take and the way things are done. Also, it is important that you do things the right way and not be misled in anyway.

Legal advice, in crucial legal matters proves out to be very useful. Legal advice from a lawyer or a solicitor does not only protect you, but it also helps you in carrying out the tasks and matters much more quickly and easily along with utmost surety as well. It is due to the grave importance of the legal advice that so much emphasis is laid on it. Going wrong at any step while doing something which has legal implications can also cause you serious trouble.

Therefore, it is important to seek and obtain useful legal advice at the right time so that you can do things conveniently and much more smoothly. Going to the right place for legal advice is very important in order to make sure you are in good hands and that you can fully depend on the expertise of the people who are advising you or handling your case. There are many online as firms where you can apply and seek for legal help. . Most of them provide online application facilities, while there are also others who work in the conventional manner.

If you are looking for legal advice regarding some matter, you can get a legal representative to help you. When you have a legal representative to assist you, you become more vigilant about your rights as well as responsibilities, and you also realise that your rights are something that you don't have to compromise on.

The need for hiring a legal advisor depends greatly on the type of issue that needs to be resolved and how it is expected to reach a solution.

A solicitor is basically a kind of lawyer, but the role of a solicitor is a little limited as compared to that of a lawyer.

If you have a problem and you want to obtain legal advice, then you can go to a solicitor who would be able to offer consultancy to you regarding your case. However, if you need legal advice and also have to be defended in court against the other party, then you would require a lawyer, as it is the lawyer who can present and defend a case in the court of law.

It is the nature of the legal matter you're facing that determines who you need to consult. A solicitor is usually the one who handles legal matters regarding claims, divorce, wills, or other similar matters. However, a solicitor cannot present or defend a case in the higher courts. For that, a lawyer who is also sometimes termed as the barrister is needed to assist you with your legal matters.

By: David Halbert
To claim compensation, contact an injury lawyer today for advice.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Needs Criminal Legal Advice And Where to Get It

The process of finding criminal legal advice can be daunting; there is a crowded field of lawyers out there, so much that it often times gets confusing for clients.

Criminal legal advice can be found through referral or through directory listings. With the wide spread of online line services for lawyers using crowd-sourced user generated content with fully democratized feedback loop, clients can breath a bit easier. They get the chance to read review pages before approaching lawyers. In some cases, these unfiltered reviews can give some insight to which lawyers can deliver the best criminal legal advice.

When ordinary citizens are arrested for DUI, traffic violations, Parole violation, illegal search and seizure and countless other infractions, a criminal defense lawyer is needed to vociferously adjudicate on their behalf.

Sometimes an arrest will result in a plea deal or pretrial resolution before going through the litigation process. However, on other occasions, a full blown litigation occurs, in which case a defendant needs a criminal defense lawyer for representation through the very end of the process.

Sometimes, the arresting officers do issue citations in error. When this occurs, a defendant needs a lawyer to represent his/her interest. Fighting these charges on your own is never a good idea. This is what the lawyers are trained for.

Get the best criminal legal advice should never be taken lightly; whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor, a criminal traffic infraction or a mistaken DUI, a lawyer should be consulted immediately. A Criminal conviction can leave an indelible mark on your record, which in turn can make it an insurmountable challenge to subsequently gain employment.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Legal Advice For Car Crash Victims

If you live in the beautiful city of Chula Vista surrounded by the San Diego bay and coastal mountain foothill then you might be so engulfed in the scenic beauty of the place that you forget that accidents can happen here too.

Unfortunately, they do and in Chula Vista, collisions between two cars, cars and a pedestrian and car and a bike are common and often critical. Weather conditions might also contribute towards accidents. 50% of the injuries encountered in such incidents are crippling and can be permanent resulting in loss of job, income and the lifestyle you were accustomed to.

From the car accident lawyers in Chula Vista, here is some great advice for you:

1. Contact a legal advisor and get in touch with injury attorney as soon as you can.

2. If you are involved in an accident involving a collision with a pedestrian, never admit responsibility because most often then not, such cases can go in favor of the pedestrian even if the fault is theirs.

3. If your car crash was caused by unusual circumstances like weather conditions, never try to file for compensation claims without a lawyer because you will lose the claim. Professional car accident lawyers know the technical details and the loop holes to get you the maximum compensation. They are specialized in car crash cases and deal with them everyday.

4. You insurance company might lure you in to signing a settlement form without consulting a lawyer. Unless you don't consult a lawyer, you will not know the amount of compensation that you can get and might end up receiving a far less amount then you deserve.

5. If the defending party is not accepting liability on the car crash site, then don't be frustrated or be tempted in to giving in and agreeing to take the fault even if it's not yours. Desperate times like these call for patience and intelligence. Your lawyer can take the driver of the other car or the bike to the court and prosecute him. You don't have to be impatient or angry at the site.

6. Injury attorneys should be present when you meet your insurance agent. Most insurance companies will try their best and lure you in to signing forms that might jeopardize your case and weaken it without you even knowing.

7. Your lawyer will know the 'statue of limitation', the time interval you have to take a legal action and will be on top of the matter which otherwise you might not be able to do. Choose your lawyer wisely and as soon as you can.

8. Local lawyers are usually the best one's because they know the demographics of the city and the local laws. Since law and judiciary changes from state to state, it is a good way to ensure that your settlement claim goes in to trial smoothly.

9. Remember, the worst had already happened. You need your old life back now and focusing on the positive and staying on to of things will get you there sooner then whining or depression will.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why You Should Get Legal Advice When Buying a House

Buying a house or any other type of property is one of the biggest transactions most people will ever do. Even a tiny error during this transaction can cost you big time in the long run.

For most folk, all the legal claptrap that comes with buying property is way beyond them. This is why it is advisable to get legal advice so that you do not end up with a significant error that you will regret.

You will find that a real estate lawyer will help you in a number of ways. They can scrutinize the contract before you put your John Hancock on it to ensure that there is nothing out of place.

Your attorney can also look over all the other critical paperwork that is involved in such a process, like the deed, the land title, any documents relating to your finance, home insurance, and any other papers that need to be assessed. By having them pore over everything, you can be assured that no niggling mistake will be overlooked.

The powers these real estate lawyers have is different in every state, but generally they can change the phrasing of your purchase contract if needed. Also, they will repudiate a contract if they find that it is in breach of state legal policy. Also, they will find out if there are any other hidden expenses or issues that need to be resolved before the place is settled.

Naturally, employing a lawyer is expensive business. Nonetheless, the cost of the mistakes that may occur if you don't have a lawyer helping you can dwarf these costs, making it worthwhile.

Having them on your side will make the whole process flow much quicker, but more importantly, it will be far less stressful than if you didn't have one. You will find that there is enough to think about without being concerned with all the legal issues as well.

The cost will depend on a number of things, though some will quote you a total amount at the outset. Make sure you know what they are charging for and how much everything is right from the start.

By: Steven Murphy
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